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‘Transformation’ is about change or conversion. And that can be as extensive or as small as you want.

Some organisations fully embrace the idea of ‘digital transformation’. But articles on the subject that include the terms ‘radical’ and ‘disruptive’ can be very off-putting.

If the term makes you feel like navigating away from this page as quickly as possible, don’t go! Despite what some pundits would have you believe, digital transformation solutions don’t have to be as dramatic or all-encompassing as they make out. After all, everything we do at Full Fat Things is digital and involves change – thus everything we do could be said to be digital transformation. But we don’t set out to do ‘radical’ projects every time.

There are usually very good reasons why companies have their current systems in place, so we’ll always see if we can squeeze more value from them. The transformation may therefore involve setting up digital workflows between your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or any other isolated apps. But if you want something radical, we can do that too.

We can help you make changes

The business benefits of digital transformation are many and varied. But what is common across our projects is that we use powerful open source software to create digital solutions that will change something in your organisation for the better – that will transform something.

Your goal may be to lower costs or to free up staff time to do more productive work. Or you may find those are an added bonus beyond your original objectives.

Either way, the solutions we create to achieve this could be:

  • connecting internal processes, reducing duplication and eliminating manual errors
  • improving customer experiences, for example by moving them online or enabling self-service
  • automating all or part of a manually intensive task such as:
    • automating the process of putting print copy on the web
    • reducing customer service requirements.

Often we find that having done one project, our customers want more. That’s either through iterative improvements to the original software or by tackling another part of the business. Why? Because everything we build makes a discernible difference. And they also recognise that our accountability and the scalability of our software makes us the perfect partner for any digital transformation project, large or small.