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By leveraging the huge catalogue of open source software available in the Drupal eco-system we craft solutions that weave these three cornerstones of digital products seamlessly.

We avoid common pitfalls that exist for businesses that have one e-commerce product, a separate content product and plugin community features. Drupal is capable of providing the mesh between the three so that the experience is unified.


More than just turning on Google Analytics!

We work to define key transactions and events across the products that need key analytics. We understand that segmentation of the customer base and tracking key performance indicators is fundamentally a job of the website, leaving you to define what to measure rather than how.


Whilst SEO is getting harder to make huge wins with since the Google Panda & Penguin updates, we still have great techniques and we build some of the most popular SEO modules that get used in Drupal. We know SEO and the sites we build always feature well in Google for their markets. No trickery or black magic is required. We create semantically good solutions and build great URL structures that support what Google and others are looking for when creating their search indexes. We always aim, and claim, to increase natural keyword results as well as reduce a reliance you may have on paid search.

Digital Asset Management

We understand that your video, audio, image and document library might not and in fact probably doesn’t simply live on your website. Whilst Drupal doesn’t integrate with any digital asset management systems we ensure that the assets can be fully managed by existing DAMs publishing through Drupal where permissioned and of course paid for. We have extensive experience building solutions that sell ebooks, subscription access and digital products. Whether you simply don’t have access to publish print only images on the web, or are selling ebooks with rights management technology we can ensure your website sells and displays the right content.


Integrating with email for marketing campaigns, transactional emails such as registrations and forgotten password links should be simple but in the spam ridden world of email doing these things right is increasingly important.

Tracking mail delivery spam reports is an incredibly detailed task. As email is such a key driver of getting attention it is so important to get it right.

Some of our clients send millions of emails each day. We integrate with specialist email providers such as Mailgun, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Amazon SES to deliver these messages.


Your customers shouldn’t only exist in your website database. CRM systems drive business insight and create upsell and marketing opportunities in any business. We understand this. For past clients we have built full integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics. The implementations provided authentication, identity and  lead capturing. Whatever your CRM we can sync all leads and customers into the right system and track your customer actions.

Marketing automation (Marketo) Segmenting

Alongside CRM, your marketing automation systems should be synchronised with the rest of your business. As soon as an unknown visitor becomes known to you, engaged or defined as a lead, marketing opportunities to each segment should kick in.  Integrating systems such as Marketo to drive marketing automation to your users (segmented by where they are in the sales process) is fundamentally important to growing your revenue.  Marketing automation integration goes above and beyond simply dropping Marketo tags into your website pages. Deep integration with content and user behaviours triggered by site events can unlock opportunities to turn leads into customers.


Personalisation is key to humanising your brand on the web and increasing engagement as well as providing per user functionality, sales and marketing. As performance experts we regularly see websites fail because of poorly executed personalisation execution. We’ve worked on games such as and social networks like where every interface is fully personalised.  We fundamentally understand the approach to take.

Multi Channel

Websites are no longer just viewed on the office desktop. Mobile and tablet website access is enormous and growing so much faster than desktop access.

Your website can’t afford not to work across different devices. We believe in the web and love to build sites that are driven by the desire to show the content that is most important on each device in a responsive manner.

Responsive web sites come as standard at Full Fat Things. Your customers will thank you.

Managed Drupal Sites and Support

Security patched, notification and investigation of site problems.

Performance & Scalability

Identify and fix slow parts of your website. We specialise in tuning Drupal sites always aiming to speed up page load time and increasing capacity. An initial analysis can often be done in as little as 2 days.

Site architecture planning and review

If you are migrating to Drupal or starting your site then take this opportunity to help your team architect your new site following Drupal best practices and design patterns to help shorten time to live and cost. For live sites review the architecture to spot problems and remove them.

Site audit

Review your site code and architecture prior to releasing to find security issues, scalability problems and design flaws.

Development practices

Help your team embrace Lean and Agile principles to deliver value to clients and customers in short iterations

Testing environments

Hosting and management of development and testing environments. Take advantage of the Jenkins Continuous integration tool that can build your test environments based on every code commits. Automatically run unit tests, SimpleTests and Selenium tests.

Managed Jenkins Continuous Integration environments

Jenkins hosting that can build your staging and testing environments or simply test your Drupal sites automatically on every commit!

  • SimpleTest automated testing automatically run on each commit.
  • Selenium automated browser testing automatically run on each commit. Test what your customers actually get!