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The challenge

Freesat’s immediate goal was to create a webstore to sell their set-top boxes directly to consumers. After work had already begun on this project, the Coronavirus pandemic hit, forcing their usual high street retailers to close. Consumer demand was now higher than ever. The pandemic acted as a catalyst, pushing Freesat’s webstore in to action even faster. Their site needed significant changes to support this – and it needed to happen quickly.

The solution

The primary aim was to grow direct revenue and to deliver to customers by selling directly. Transforming at lightning speed from a wholesaler to a retailer was ambitious. They needed a website capable of selling a product, offering refunds, delivering on-brand marketing, SEO capabilities and customer service.

Freesat’s key goals were based on website traffic, visitor experience and e-commerce sales.

To achieve these goals, we broke the deliverables into three main areas:

  1. E-commerce
  2. User experience
  3. Integrations for efficiencies

Marketing hub

We built components to use as part of Freesat’s marketing tool kit, which uses a powerful page building module in Drupal 8, named Panels. This allows the marketing team to easily compose new pages and support campaigns using custom block types and paragraph components, all in keeping with brand guidelines.

Importantly, the marketing hub now has customisable elements. The Drupal site allows the marketing team easy access and control, while saving precious time. We continue to work with their team to make enhancements to their customer experience and help them reach their webstore goals. 

The 'Showcase'

Freesat internally curates a list of recommended shows. We built functionality to pull these recommended lists into the site and display them in a “showcase” grid, using only views and nodes in Drupal.

What’s fancy about Showcase is that logged-in customers can click on a show featured in Showcase and set the programme to record, all via the website. Drupal uses authentication and entitlement APIs to make this possible.

Their TV box picks this up and records the show for them. That means when customers are out and about and have forgotten to record their favourite show, they can simply do it via the website.


TV guide

Using a React app to power the TV guide, we allow customers to scroll through channels on Freesat and easily find out when their favourite programmes are being broadcast.

This connects Drupal to Freesat’s APIs to control set-top boxes, setting customers’ favourite TV shows to record.

Channel feeds

To support this, we use channel feeds to update Freesat’s website and TV guide automatically, whenever Freesat adds a new channel. They never have to worry about their customers having access to the latest info on their favourite shows. This is all built with the Feeds module set.


We integrate with SAP directly for orders and allow customer service to use Drupal instead of SAP to manage relationships; a much more efficient process, saving the customer service team a whole heap of time.

Marketing tools

We also have A/B testing integrations and integrate via Google Tag Manager with their digital marketing platform. We use the Tag Manager Data Layer to pass over any important data to the Tag Manager assets.

Support and maintenance

We continue to work with Freesat to achieve their growth targets. We provide Drupal support and maintenance with bug fixes, security updates and weekly releases. We’re also making small updates to get the Freesat site to Drupal 9.