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A match made in heaven

A business transformation of this scale was going to be a tough challenge, so they made sure to partner with a team that would work seamlessly alongside them and understand their needs. A team that could deliver an all-singing, all-dancing platform to ensure they met their goals. That’s us!

The twist in the tale

What neither of us knew was that a global pandemic was about to hit. Numerous lockdowns shut highstreet shops for months. This made direct sales not just an additional stream of revenue for Freesat, but the main stream of revenue for set-top boxes.

Find out how we created a fully integrated system that not only coped with the sudden increase in demand, but streamlined operations so that it did so with ease.

Happy customers, happy clients…happy developers.

Delivering the goods

We worked closely with Freesat product managers and marketers, gathering information about their requirements. It became clear that whatever we built, it had better integrate with their existing systems and processes. We listened, and we delivered.

Now, customers complete their order via an easy-to-use Drupal Commerce checkout process. The order is sent from Drupal to SAP Business ByDesign. The warehouse ships the order, and Drupal forwards the dispatch notification and tracking order to the customer. Neat, right?

Seamless integrations

Channels feeds

Customers discover new channels as soon as they are available with the channel feed, built with the Feeds module set.


Customers and the customer service team can do everything they need to via Drupal, thanks to the SAP integration. One system, one log-in — easy.

Marketing tools

Marketers can carry out A/B testing, integrated with Google Tag Manager and their digital marketing platform.

TV guide

Customers scroll through channels to find their favourite programmes using. React app powers the guide and allows customers to control their TV boxes and record shows via the website using Freesat’s APIs.