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Our maintenance packages provide access to experts from the start

How? We offer dependable, consistent support, from straightforward Drupal maintenance to mixed maintenance and development deals. We can also provide friendly, proactive mentoring and back-up for your internal IT teams.

Drupal enterprise support

Our developers have been contributing to Drupal projects for years: they’re massive fans, bordering on the obsessive. Together, they constitute the Full Fat Things hive mind, which we all draw on for your support and maintenance.

That’s one of the benefits of open source software – your organisation can have its business underpinned by experts who have unparalleled in-depth knowledge. And at Full Fat Things, we don’t see maintenance as a lesser role. We don’t care if that’s not how other agencies work. Solving challenges and keeping businesses working optimally is as rewarding for us as building something new.

This top-level support is why so many premium brands use us for maintenance and development, including Cubiks, Croner-i and Future Publishing.

Health checks and audits

When you choose us to provide maintenance and support, we’ll always carry out an audit before starting work. This way we can give your website, applications and infrastructure a full health check, which is always a good thing to do regularly. And we can identify which areas, if any, need particular attention as we set up our monitoring services.

After the audit, we’ll discuss the results with you and confirm whether our initial maintenance proposal will meet your current needs and aspirations for future growth. 

IT support and mentoring

We always work closely with your in-house teams when providing maintenance services.

Internal staff often don’t have the same advanced knowledge and in-depth experience of Drupal that our team have. That’s fine, as we can help to develop them as well as your site. We’re happy to act as mentors, provide training and/or check their development work.

Even when your team is robust, we can step in to provide additional resources when you need them. That can help if you want to add new features, start new projects or construct big go-to-market events.

Full Fat Things customers such as Wolters Kluwer and Croner-i have strong internal teams but outsource elements to us to help grow their customer products and maintain key platforms.

Every company is different, so let’s talk about how we can help yours grow.