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No two websites are alike. And neither are our audit teams. Instead, every Full Fat Things audit is carried out by a specially chosen team.

A Drupal site audit is likely to be the first thing we ever do for you. We’ll always do one if you want us to undertake maintenance, support or development. Or maybe an audit is all you need for now.

Either way, the combined experience of the Full Fat Things team makes us the ideal choice for assessing the health of your website. Many of us are trusted members of the Drupal open source ecosystem. Between us, we know Drupal inside out.

We’ve also been around long enough to know that no two apps are alike. So instead of having a static audit team, every Full Fat Things audit is carried out by a group of developers chosen especially to match your setup and needs. We all build sites for a living and we all understand real-world situations and difficulties.

Our team can provide a wider range of audits as well, looking at everything that contributes to making your site work well. 

And if you’re not sure what you need, but just know things could be better – and let’s face it, we’ve all been there – we can help with that too.

Our site audit menu

We offer a range of audits including: 

Choose one or more and we’ll confirm timescales and costs. Or talk to us about your general concerns and/or future plans, and we’ll recommend which audits to undertake. 

Management or investors putting you under pressure? We can also do audits to prove the health of your site and/or infrastructure, and its readiness for business growth.