The combined experience of the Full Fat Things team, many of whom are trusted members of the Drupal ecosystem, makes us the ideal choice for assessing the health of your website in a Drupal site audit. Between us we know Drupal inside out.

We also know that no two sites are alike. So instead of having a static audit team, every Full Fat Things audit is carried out by a group of developers chosen especially to match your setup and needs – developers who understand real-world situations and all potential pitfalls.

Our site audit menu

We offer a range of audits including:

  • Drupal security
  • Drupal health
  • Readiness for Drupal 9
  • Readiness for migration to Drupal
  • Drupal roles and permissions, and what that means for your business
  • Internal developer talent
  • Infrastructure

Choose one or more and we’ll confirm timescales and costs. Or talk to us about your general concerns and/or future plans, and we’ll recommend which audits to undertake.

We can also undertake audits to prove the health of your site and/or infrastructure, and its readiness for business growth, to management or investors.

Drupal security audit

In a Drupal security audit, we’ll check for security issues in your code, the configuration of user access and the whether your developers have edited upstream Drupal code that would harm your security upgrade potential. We’ll also check for any security implications relating to future development and deployment plans.

Uniquely (we believe), we offer advice on possible GDPR compliance problems  in terms of dealing with personally identifiable information outside your production environments. 

Drupal health audit

How well built is your Drupal site? What benefits could you reap with specified changes and what problems will you face without any alterations? How scalable is it and how is its performance likely to change as your business grows?

Drupal 9 ready

Drupal 9 will be released in 2020. We will recommend that everyone upgrades to Drupal 9 to take advantage of better functionality and to avoid any end-of-life issues relating to Drupal 8.

All new Drupal sites that we are building now are ‘Drupal 9 ready’, making the next upgrade as painless as possible. Give us access to your code and we can assess the scope of work you’ll have to undertake to upgrade to Drupal 9 when it’s released. We’ll tell you just how hard it will be.

If you’re serious about a potential future upgrade to Drupal 9, we can also supply a proposal to move your site to a ‘Full Fat Things Drupal 9 ready’ configuration.

Migration to Drupal

Drupal offers many benefits for organisations, including being a great platform for eCommerce applications  and ideal for delivering excellent user experience . We can clarify exactly what you would need to do in order to migrate to Drupal and assess how difficult that would be. Again, we can then provide a proposal showing how we can move your site to Drupal in a ‘Full Fat Things Drupal 9 ready’ configuration.

Drupal roles and permissions

It’s vital that every user of your site – internal as well as external – has appropriate permissions according to their ‘role’. You may not want a subscriber to be able to post editorial articles on your site, for example, or a marketing manager to inadvertently expose customer data.

Our audits check that every role has the correct permissions and make recommendations where these should change, particularly if there are security risks.

Drupal developer talent audit

You may have built or extended your Drupal site internally. However, some companies don’t build Drupal sites in a ‘best practice’ fashion or develop any extensions to match the quality and style of the original.

We can review your implementation and advise on methods to reduce complexity, identify any oddities that should be cleaned and mentor your developers in modern Drupal approaches.

Infrastructure audit

The condition of your overall infrastructure is as important as your Drupal implementation. For example, are you running a WAF (web application framework)? Are your ports protected? We can run a comprehensive audit of your infrastructure and advise on where the holes or opportunities are and how best to fix them.

  • Contact us  for detailed timescales and costs and subscription options of any of these audits, or for a more general conversation about how our audits can secure your business.