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Gathering requirements and planning

Planning is as important as day-to-day development, if not more so. Because each app is different, we’ll spend time with you to fully understand your requirements. We’ll also ask you about your existing systems and ways of working, and your business as a whole.

These will inform our recommendations about which platforms we use as a foundation for your project, and the processes and development cycle.

(Requirements can change and grow over time. So if you want us to keep developing your application after the project has gone live, we’ll make ‘gathering requirements’ a regular part of the process.)

Delivery cycle

We usually work on a short cycle, planning and delivering working software every two to four weeks.

You’ll have access to our multiple test environments throughout. And you can even watch the development happen on Github if that takes your fancy. We are totally transparent in terms of how the build is going, as that fits into our goal of becoming part of your team.