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Get ready for Drupal 9

When Drupal 9 launches it will be the first major Drupal release that doesn’t require a rewrite of your applications. The big change is that deprecated parts of the CMS are simply being taken out. The Drupal ‘ecosystem’ is announcing these deprecations in advance, which allows us to build Drupal 9-ready sites right now.

What does this mean? When the Drupal project deprecates something in the Drupal core, it doesn’t always mean that piece of functionality is leaving Drupal. Instead, it often means there is a more modern way of accomplishing that outcome, so we choose to remove the old way to keep your Drupal project lean and clean.

Book a Drupal 9-ready site audit

Full Fat Things is already building projects in a Drupal 9-ready way. We have tools in place to tell us where a current project is not Drupal 9-ready, so that we can remedy this before Drupal 9 drops, making your next major version upgrade simpler.

We can help you get ready for Drupal 9 by looking at both your core Drupal application and any extensions and modules you have plugged in. Contact us to book a Drupal 9 readiness audit and to find out how we could help transition your applications for the new opportunities that come with Drupal 9.