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Our approach

While we have strong credentials in digital publishing and creating subscriber-based content platforms, each is different. It requires technical expertise to create seamless integrations with our customers' existing partners and suppliers for content delivery and subscriber verification.

Design and user experience

The user experience is crucial on a b2c platform like this. We worked with Key during an initial design and UX phase to create a new brand, logo, website design and user experience for The initial concept meetings gave us an understanding of the audience and style direction, which formed the basis of several design concepts. With client feedback and input, we refined these into the final site design and logo. We carefully worked unobtrusive Google advertising into the design, embedding it within the content and maximising revenue without disrupting the customer’s experience.

Content management

After considering Key Publishing’s existing infrastructure and in-house skill, we recommended Drupal 8 - a powerful and extensible content management platform with easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. Its flexibility allowed us to create the bespoke integrations, with powerful baked-in content and user management.

We delivered tiered access levels and content workflow with powerful SEO tools, which allow the editorial team to look after their areas of speciality. The functions enable them to optimise content for search engines and build rich, engaging sections using the flexible article layout tools.

Content delivery integration

Key Publishing wanted to deliver content online quickly and with minimal manual input. Key Publishing was already working with a partner who converted their magazines to an ePub format. We connected with them to automate the uploading of new editions in minutes, using a combination of Jenkins jobs and Drupal migrations.

Subscriber verification

We developed a bespoke integration with OAK, which Key Publishing partner with for subscription management software. Existing subscribers of Key's aviation magazines can now register an account with their subscriber information to access to all their articles ad-free.


By working closely with the team at Key Publishing we have delivered a complete refresh of the brand, including the creation of a new website which, amongst other things, has expanded their digital offering and is helping to drive digital revenue. 

We’ve also transformed the content management of the site and enabled Key to automate the process of adding content to their website, allowing both historic magazine content and current/future content to be included in their digital offering. This automation has had a huge effect operationally, improving the efficiency of the business by replacing a time-consuming manual process. Likewise, the automatic generation of monthly newsletters are proving effective in further driving user engagement and features such as the implementation of "premium" subscription articles are helping to up sell subscriptions.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article or if you have your own print-to-digital project you’d like to discuss please drop us a line