‘Drupal migration’ covers a multitude of situations. You may be interested in moving from another platform to Drupal. Or upgrading to a newer version of Drupal. Or you may need to migrate data from elsewhere in your business into your Drupal system on a regular basis to make it available to customers.

At Full Fat Things, we can handle all of these and more, because Drupal excels in its ability to map and import data from almost any source and manage it as its own.

Drupal upgrades

All of our new Drupal sites are built on Drupal 8 to be ready for painless migration to Drupal 9, when that is released.

We can also upgrade sites from older versions of Drupal to newer ones: we can migrate Drupal 6 to 7 and upgrade Drupal 6 to 8, or 7 to 8.

Platform migration

Drupal is powerful and quick, making it an ideal choice if you’re considering upgrading your content management system (CMS) or eCommerce platform. It’s not quite magic, but it comes close.

We have migrated content and commerce platforms to Drupal for many clients over the years and we love the challenge! Whether it’s a straightforward migration or you want to enhance your offerings at the same time, we can work with you to make that happen.

We’ll also support you and your team in learning how to use Drupal. It’s not complicated, but we appreciate that moving to any new CMS can feel daunting. Importantly, we always consider staff as one of our ‘personas’ when we look at user experience for any new systems we build. Once you’re up and running, you’ll appreciate the difference that Drupal can make to getting the job done.

Data migration

Every day we handle the migration of tens of thousands of documents into a Drupal site for just one of our customers. Overall, we migrate millions of documents each year.

You may not need that volume of data migration annually – few do – but whatever your needs, we can set it up and manage it for you quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll work with you to understand what data needs migrating and how users will interact with it, and then build the functionality and design on top.