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Our goal is that all the solutions we develop will be intuitive, robust and high performing. We also aim to make complex systems simple for users. Together, these inform our processes from the moment we start talking to you about your project.

To achieve our goals, we’ll ask you upfront about yours. No surprise there. But we’ll also ask about your organisation, your staff and how you like to work. That’s because we find the most effective way of working is when you consider us part of your team — and we hope that works for you too.

We take enormous pride in what we produce, but everything we do is arranged so that the process is as good an experience for you as the final result. We align with your business processes to deliver what you need while maintaining our speed and agility as a partner.

Project management methods

We always have an open view on what and how we will deliver when we engage with you.

For example, you may want a fixed price project with a fixed scope. Alternatively, the development work can be iterative if you, the customer, recognise that you will learn more as you see the product grow and want the option to change your plans. If and when you do decide to make any changes to the project’s scope, we’ll talk through them with you and then realign the roadmap.

In almost all cases, we do work in an iterative manner, meaning that we use Agile and Scrum practices, with short sprints of two to four weeks. Unusually, we also add a layer of cost control and transparency to projects. That lets us — and you — understand at all times how far we are through a project, both in terms of features delivered and budget.

We also like to use personas as a basis for our work. This helps us address any concerns about performance, scalability, integration and security, and make sure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered and prioritised. 

We like to talk

Communication is vital throughout a project, so we have regular catch-ups to demo, plan and ensure progress is on track and clear to everyone. During the project, you may hear us talk about standup meetings, ‘Three Amigos sessions’ and ‘backlog (or roadmap) reviews’, which are other ways we monitor progress, make decisions with you and ultimately move forward at speed.

Guaranteed delivery dates, flexible schedules

The media regularly features stories about large government projects overrunning, and we dislike this as much as you. But we’re happy to revise deliverables and schedules if you identify anything along the way that would make the overall solution better for you and your customers.

Our clients praise us for our flexibility and we’re proud of how many new clients we’ve gained through recommendations for that reason. Similarly, we are very happy to have kept many customers long after the original project has finished.

We have had a large percentage of our customers for four years or more. These are the greatest endorsements we can claim.