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Why Drupal for e-commerce?

The Drupal platform includes a vast range of modules that can be used to build a unified online presence. We carefully choose the best ones to ensure your business logic, processes and approach are reflected exactly on your website and in your apps. Drupal then acts as the glue between your content, commerce and customers.

Drupal Commerce is a modular platform in its own right that integrates perfectly with Drupal content sites. If you need any of the following, we highly recommend Drupal Commerce:

  • Variable access to content, including subscriptions, paywalls, metered or tiered access
  • Monthly billing via Direct Debit or credit card
  • Connection to other business systems and processes to enable prompt delivery or immediate access to content
  • Complex shipping calculations based on product pricing and features and custom logic.

Using Drupal lets us enable business change by building complex applications. For Peer 1, for example, we successfully implemented an online metered system for users to access its cloud services, mirroring the true utility model of cloud computing and enabling Peer 1 to interact with its customers more efficiently. Meanwhile at Wolters Kluwer and Croner-i, we created systems that allow them to provide resources in multiple ways, including fulfilling digital subscriptions and buying physical products. Finally, the team at Citron Hygiene trusted us to launch a consumables shop that gave customers more control over their purchasing and marked a new level of innovation in its industry as normally the industry does not sell digitally.

Building e-commerce with Drupal

Setting up or moving shop is not something to be undertaken lightly. We like to ensure we have everything organised and agreed with you before we start. That’s what we did for Wolters Kluwer, who we helped move to a deep self-service platform for its customers across its suite of products.

First, we’ll talk to you about your business, your current needs and your plans. Then we’ll identify and mould together the Drupal modules you need, including Drupal Commerce, to avoid the pitfalls inherent in using separate e-commerce and content platforms.

Drupal is renowned for great user experience. When we implement it, the result is always a seamless experience for users – both customers and staff.