The experience users have on your website can make a huge difference to your business. At Full Fat Things, we design and develop outstanding websites that will please your customers and align with your business goals. And we’ll ensure the back-end functionality provides a first-class experience for your staff too.

Drupal provides the ideal platform for meeting these objectives and building websites that convert visitors to buyers. Its modular format enables us to choose the best tools for each job and then our team will craft exactly what you need, taking into account your target audience via an agreed set of personas. (Unsure about personas? We love them – scroll down to find out why.)

Drupal is also an ideal platform if you have any omnichannel ambitions and want to reap the benefits of personalisation.

What makes good user experience?

We always assume people are busy and fickle. That way, whatever we design will cater for the widest possible potential audience because we know we need to keep their attention.

When used by our experts at Full Fat Things, Drupal is perfect for building fast-loading pages that won’t cause potential clients to abandon your site.

Drupal also plays nicely with other systems, whether importing or exporting data . Payment systems, for example, can be set up to present a seamless path through any ordering process.

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The persona challenge

Great website design starts with your organisation’s ideal users in mind. We can work with you to develop a set of ‘personas’ that typify these users, making it easier to identify with them and build to their needs. Or we can use personas you have already developed.

We’re also guided by our own broader set of personas – what do they each need?

  • Elizabeth knows nothing about your industry or your brand.
  • Raj knows what he needs from a business in your industry but doesn’t know your brand.
  • Lisa knows your organisation already and wants something from you.

The website we build needs to persuade all of them that your brand is the one they should do business with – and buy from again in future too. Conversion is key. That implies navigation that’s easy to use, clear product and/or service details, seamless payment and delivery processes, and fast-loading pages. All wrapped up in your brand’s look and feel.

User experience for staff

When we build for you, we also think about the experience your staff will have when using the system – and we encourage you to do so as well.

Drupal is fantastic for administrators and editors as it lets them work via an interface that offers a more customer-centric view of each page. We can support your staff as you migrate or build your site, and offer training to make the process as efficient as possible.

Omnichannel and personalisation

It’s a given that users expect to have a common experience with your brand across every channel. This requires careful control both of the master data and how data flows between every touchpoint.

Drupal’s excellent data migration management and synchronisation abilities makes it perfect for an omnichannel environment. We can also build you a phone app that calls Drupal’s API to extend your reach.

Drupal is also ideal for managing personal data across multiple channels and sites, enabling personalisation that extends into your marketing function.

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