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The appropriately-named React Native is a brilliant open source framework created by Facebook for optimising development of mobile apps – we develop just once and you get native versions for both iOS and Android.

Over half of all internet traffic globally is via mobile phones, with users having access to thousands of apps in addition to websites. Competition for users’ eyeballs is fierce.

The upshot is that information needs to be presented in a way that makes best use of any device’s interface, which on phones often means an app. And those apps need to work properly on each operating system so that every user is well served.

Fortunately, React Native lets us build effective and exciting mobile applications just once that then work across both Android and iOS as well. We love how efficient it is!

Bespoke React Native development

Given the prevalence of users wanting to access information on mobiles, it’s worth considering whether you should provide native mobile apps rather than relying on just web versions. React Native makes this consideration easier because it speeds up that additional development process.

React Native exposes JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs, enabling apps to access physical features like the phone’s camera or information such as the user’s location. And we’ll often reuse APIs in React Native apps that we’ve used in the web applications.

In addition, if your applications are content based and we’re building them in Drupal, we can employ headless publishing to efficiently display the relevant content elements in your apps. Similarly, because we have in-depth experience with Ruby on Rails and Laravel, we can link from applications built or being developed with those too.