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With so many possible solutions to any development challenge, it’s easy to fall back on one preferred platform every time.

Yet the simple fact is that there is no single platform which is perfect for every application

So when Full Fat Things works with you to understand and map out your requirements, we’ll also recommend which platforms we believe are best suited to producing the right results, based on both your ambitions and your existing setup.

Similarly, we work with a range of partners who are experts in their field for those occasions where our breadth of offerings are enhanced by bringing a partner into the frame.

Our team has a wealth of experience in diverse platforms including Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Laravel and Ember.js. When they aren’t developing solutions for our clients, our developers are just as likely to be found swatting up on the latest platform changes and improvements as going for a run or a pint.

We’re big fans of the open source model. Indeed, many of our team are contributors to the development of their preferred platform and some, including founder Stewart Robinson, regularly speak at developer conferences.

These are some of the key platforms we work on. If you don’t see what you want here, then call us as we’ve plenty more up our sleeves.

Ruby on Rails and Laravel

Ruby on Rails and Laravel are our platforms of choice for ‘business’ applications and back-ends to Ember.js applications in classic software scenarios, such as transactional content or customer entitlement and subscription management.

Ruby on Rails

We have a number of Ruby on Rails systems in production that do a mixture of things from Investor dealflow and contact management to providing real time personalisation to geographically diverse customers. We have made our b2b products in Ruby on Rails that provide geographic variations on applications for customers and create real time branded and themed social sharing images for discerning publishers


On Laravel we have many products including single sign on products, client entitlement and single customer view applications, or middleware, that take customers and subscribers from a number of sources such as Salesforce, ERP, CRM and ecommerce channels as well as universities and organisations wanting to white label information sources and present them with single clear experiences to use customer products


We build many components and "real time" on many websites from Vue.js. Take a look at the Startup Jobs section on Index Ventures for a real time Vue.js search engine that helps talent find careers at startups.  Another example is the in page app called the content explorer that powers the left hand tree navigation on Croner-i's quite huge and fabulous Tax and accounting Library.

React Native

We build mobile apps with React Native and often try to reuse parts of the websites we also build to accompany them. Our React Native apps are in the wild deployed for customers on iOS and nobody apart from the developers at Full Fat Things would even contemplate that they are anything but native apps.


Ember.js is an ideal platform for interactive shopping carts and highly dynamic applications that require a custom and interactive user interface, such as the shopping cart in Peer 1 Hosting’s On Demand customer solution and the group management app we developed for Index Ventures.