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Digital has the power to transform how organisations work. Our projects have enabled clients in multiple sectors to grow and respond fast – and we can do that for you too.

Digital transformation may have become a buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to be dismissed out of hand. Instead, making digital work better for your business can help you move fast, build fast, embrace change and respond effectively to customer needs.

In reality, every digital project is a transformation of some sort. The goal, however, is to maximise the benefits for your organisation by matching the development to your aims and current setup. That’s where we excel.

Digital transformation case study:
Use digital platforms to sell more

One of our customers, Wolters Kluwer (now Croner-I after being acquired), was using legacy e-commerce, publishing and document storage platforms, along with old versions of SAP. By the end of the project, we had empowered the company to sell digitally instead of printing physical publications, and to streamline sales with a new e-commerce platform.

We enabled Wolters Kluwer to deliver its information services digitally (and beautifully) and display the full breadth of its market offering. Customers could access what they had bought immediately after purchase, instead of waiting for postal delivery, and were exposed to additional titles. Together, these made it easier for customers to understand why they might wish to purchase and were encouraged to buy more. As part of the project, we introduced identity management, single sign-on and institutional access for companies.

We also helped Wolters Kluwer become very responsive to developments in its market. For example, when a competitor was found to be attracting some of Wolters Kluwer's potential customers, our response was to help it deliver a competitive product using existing content within just a few months.

Maximise sales by maximising what customers can see

If you’re an aviation enthusiast, you may have visited Key.Aero, an aviation news website from publisher Key Publishing. We helped Key.Aero move its expert content online by delivering an open source, bespoke website that now houses the content of nine specialist print magazine brands. And they can add more titles whenever they want. The benefit is that subscribers to any title can now discover other fabulous content that they may be interested in.

We digitised archived content as a foundation for the site. Then we designed the system so that new content gets automatically transformed every month from print content using our digital template. We also provided a canvas for digital-first/only aviation content specific to the brand.

We designed the Key.Aero platform with an eye to the future, to make it even more cost effective for Key Publishing. The system we delivered can be cloned so that Key can use it for non-aviation titles as well with only minimal code changes and design/advertising work required.