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Upgrade to Drupal 8 instead?

Although, Full Fat Things can migrate you from Drupal 6 to 7, we recommend migrating straight to 8. Why? Not only will you get a data upgrade but Drupal 8 has adopted Symfony and lots of PHP code from the wider PHP community, along with popular Drupal 6 modules. The incorporation of Drupal 6 modules into Drupal 8 makes migration work fabulously well. However, you will need to build a new theme for your website as Drupal 8 includes a new way of delivering website front-ends. 

Features of Drupal 8 

-    Better performance and scalability 
-    Editor simplicity, allowing you to edit and preview context 
-    Multilingual support
-    Enhanced accessibility 
-    Headless publishing 

What’s more every site we migrate to Drupal 8 is built to be Drupal 9 ready. When that’s released your next migration will be painless.