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Our pre-set mode of operation is “no compromise”

Combine this with our determination that all the applications we develop will be intuitive, robust and high performing and that results in the processes we follow from the moment we start working on your solution.

Right from the beginning we’ll work with you to determine all the aspects which need to be known in order to make your application a success. These may include things you haven’t even thought about yet or hadn’t realised were important to specify so early on in the process – but that’s part of what makes us a good partner. We won’t wait till part way through a project to point out additional development requirements (with additional costs) which we spotted but weren’t identified by you upfront.

Development cycle

During development, we’ll work directly with your team so that they are completely comfortable with the software, having handled it from its inception.

You’ll have access to our multiple test environments and you can even watch the development happen on Github if that takes your fancy.

We usually work on a fortnightly cycle, delivering shippable software every two weeks unless otherwise agreed.


We hate project slippage as much as you so we guarantee our delivery dates if the brief remains constant. But we’re also happy to revise deliverables and schedules should you identify anything along the way that would make the overall solution better for you and your clients. This is part of the value of delivering in an iterative fashion. You get to control your project on a weekly basis and move the goalposts as we collectively learn more. We’re proud of how many clients we gain through recommendations and our flexibility has been noted more than once.