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The online publishing landscape and the industry’s revenue from it is under attack. 

Traditionally, publishers on the internet have followed a route of advertising supported products selling traditional print content online; a model that’s increasingly less sustainable. Here's why.

Data privacy

Privacy invasions over the last twenty years by “big internet” have eroded customer trust and resulted in legislation, like the GDPR and the CCPA. This makes it harder to find out who our customers are and what they want. We have an idea of who is visiting but not a complete picture. This data is valuable. We can sell to advertisers with better reader profiles and improve our service to our audience if we understand who they are.

Customer experience

The industry has increasingly complex advertising solutions but often at the expense of the reader’s experience. Advertising ‘intrusion’ and the belief they are being watched has reinforced their sense of mistrust.

Publishing revenues

Publishing revenues are hard to come by online. The internet advertising market is costly and mature - ad networks are making more money than the publishers - producing diminishing ROI.

These factors combined creates a compelling case for moving away from a solely ad supported model for digital publishing.