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Full Fat Things now #7 in the world as Drupal contributors

Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal, published the most recent Drupal contributions report on October 20, 2021. With the development of Drupal 9 over the past year since its release in June 2020, our team has been hard at work in contributing to Drupal core, modules, distributions and themes. Our contributions to Drupal’s development means we are influencing the direction of Drupal every day. We can learn from our peers in the community, and we have unparalleled knowledge of its ecosystem.

Of course in the global top 10, we’re in great company. But it makes us even prouder of our position in the Drupal community to be recognised as the only British owned and wholly UK based company in the top 10.

Our Developer Dave Long #3 in the world 

Full Fat Things was not only ranked as #7 in the world for Drupal contributions by impact, but Senior Developer, Dave Long (a.k.a. longwave), was also recognised as #3 in the world (up from #8 in 2020), for his individual Drupal contributions by impact. Wow, congratulations Dave!

The work of our team, much like Dave’s, has been critical to Drupal 9 development and its continued success. And we’re so proud.