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Digital innovation remains one of the biggest priorities and challenges for publishers this year. Full Fat Things builds tools and solutions that enable those publishers to focus on what matters most to their business, audiences and bottom line.

With the variety of platforms, formats and commercialisation models emerging and evolving at a rapid pace, there are many possibilities and opportunities. It’s hard for media organisations of any size to know where to start. Or how to prioritise unpredictable fledgling digital products.

Digital panic and FOMO are real. And it can be tempting for businesses to try everything on for size when trying to grow digital revenues. But rushing to a conclusion of a specific format, outcome or just the latest shiny new thing isn’t always right. When looking at competitors’ successes and innovations, we encourage them to answer the question: is your infrastructure and business model aligned with those challenges?

Define your priorities

There are several ways publishers can grow into multi-channel media operations. We have worked with many different organisations to get results in many different ways. One thing we caution against is trying to do everything at once, without resourcing up sufficiently for success, as it will stunt growth and challenge morale. In print, publishers picked a priority from subs or advertising. We encourage them to do the same thing in digital. And to focus on the business outcomes and not just on the technology or platforms.

Is it possible to monetise digital products through advertising, affiliates, ecommerce, paywalls and micro-payments? Absolutely.

Is this all possible with the same team? Unlikely.

And is it a good idea to lean solely on the same people conducting business as usual? Almost certainly not.

We help customers pick goals. And to make them realistic for the business they have or the business they want in the future. We encourage them to be honest about their appetite, investment, commitment and buy-in to make sure they’re prepared with the skills and resources necessary to give them the best chance of success.

Why Full Fat Things?

Our team at Full Fat Things has a combined experience of over 70 years in the publishing industry. We partner with organisations like Future, EMAP, The Economist, Key Publishing and Which? on B2B and B2C products.

We become the integrated extension of in-house publishing teams. We enable publishing specialists to focus on the content and audiences that drive their business by providing the technology to deal with the rest.