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The NWDUG (North-West Drupal User Group) Unconference was held on the 12th October, and Alastair - one of our Drupal Developers - went along to learn and share knowledge.

An unconference is conference where the attendees decide the agenda topics, usually at the beginning of the event. It’s a great way to learn from peers.

A Brief History of Personal Failure

The last session I attended was a discussion on failure, or more specifically how to learn from it. The underlying theme throughout the talk was that failure is a learning process that we can use to grow.


Crispin Read talked about his experience in learning baking sourdough bread as a process and failure was a large part of this. He had intentionally failed numerous times so as to get a better understanding of the process of making sourdough. Along with this idea of using failure as a learning process, it was emphasised that we shouldn’t feel bad about failure and that we shouldn’t confuse failure with ability or worth, and most importantly not to give up as a result of failure.

At the end of the talk various members of the audience gave examples of where they have failed and what they learned from this. It was approached in a humourous way with the rest of the audience cheering on the speaker as they admitted to failure.