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Meet readers where they are

Print revenues are steadily declining year after year, with many publishers still seeking ways to generate alternative sources of income.

Staying print-first in mindset charts a non-sustainable path for a publication. Companies that invest in their digital platforms are learning to meet people where they are. They’ve developed a deeper understanding of how to reach their target demographic through effective engagement and SEO. And by doing this, they have learned how to serve unique experiences with high-value content.

It’s not an instant solution. The New York Times is a shining example of a publication that places value on its subscribers. To achieve maximum subscriber growth, they took the time to research and develop an easy-to-use experience that organically deepens page views per visit, maximising the time spent on each page.

Online and print versions of the most popular publications remain the top source of information for consumers, with nearly 50% of people accessing their news online. The increase in smartphone use means that number is growing.

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