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Digital transformation has become something of a buzzword in business circles over the past few years. While it serves well as a catch-all term for describing the transition from old and inefficient practices to a new, more streamlined digital approach, it can seem dramatic. It suggests a total transformation that impacts an entire organisation overnight. In reality, the transformation is more of an evolution to an efficient, digital future. And one that requires a cultural shift that questions process and embraces change.

For some, viewing digital transformation as one over-arching project feels overwhelming. If approached like this, it often contributes to the project losing direction, or even getting side-lined. 

There are common challenges that business of all sizes face when approaching digital transformation: introducing new systems, changing processes and getting buy-in. And when attempted at scale and with an all-encompassing approach, the challenges are even greater. 

Digital transformation software companies

At the heart of our digital transformation projects is bespoke software development. While off-the-shelf solutions sometimes work, we believe it’s the customisation that delivers a result tailored to the business’ goals. Some examples of the digital transformation projects we’ve developed customised solutions for include:

•    connecting internal processes, reducing duplication and eliminating manual errors
•    improving customer experiences by moving them online or enabling self-service
•    automating all or part of a manually intensive task such as the process of putting print copy on the web or reducing customer service requirements.
Before we write any code, we work with the organisation to understand what each stakeholder needs and what existing technology is already in place. Based on this information, we create connective software and new applications that together transform any organisation’s digital position. 

The key to delivering a successful solution is selecting the right tool for the job. And this relies on having an experienced team with a diverse range of skills. At Full Fat Things, we have a breadth of knowledge and experience of multiple platforms, including Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Ember, React Native, Vue.js and Laravel, enabling us to select the technology best suited to the project requirements. Whether they are internal or external, users should be central to these requirements, with the goal being to make their lives easier. The platform selection and solution design need to factor this from the outset, as well as integrating with existing systems and internal processes.

Your digital transformation

To find out more about our approach to digital transformation or to discuss your digital transformation project, get in touch and see how we can help.